Monona in the Making
Monona in the Making
Dorothy Haines' 1999 History, Monona in the Making

The city of Monona is a youthful community even by Wisconsin standards, but the roots of its families reach back to Wisconsin's territorial days.

Until 1850, the area that is now Monona was part of the rural township of Madison. In that year, the town of Blooming Grove--Town 7 North, Range 10 East--was organized, separating the area governmentally by the rapidly growing urban area of the state's capital. By 1870, summer cottages were already springing up alongside Blooming Grove's prospering farms.

In 1878, the resort hotel, Tonyawatha Springs, made its appearance along the east shore of Lake Monona and began drawing hundreds of summer vacationers to its elegant facilities.

In 1907, summer homes and cottages lined the lake shore, stimulating the development of a marine postal service following a petition signed by nearly 200 residents.

By 1938, the rapidly growing population near the lake prompted the incorporation of the village of Monona with more than 1000 residents. Within twenty years, all of the farm lands in Monona had been converted to residential, commercial, and indiustrial zoning. The village was the fastest growing community in the state, with a population of more than 8000.

In 1969, city of Monona was incorporated with more than 10,000 residents.

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